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How to Stay Healthy with a Plant based diet


Health documentaries for your consideration on Youtube and Netflix to help explain the basis of a whole food plant based diet- ( type the title into the search bar of youtube or Netflix.)
1.An introduction to a whole food plant based diet dr lim(youtube)
2.forks over knives (netflix)
3.what the health (youtube or netflix)
4.Fat sick and nearly dead (Netflix)
5.Fat sick and nearly dead 2 (Netflix)
6.cowspiracy (youtube or netflix)
7.BBC Horizon how to stay healthy (youtube)
8.The c word (Netflix)
9.Dr Neil Barnard berlin (youtube)
10.The vegetarian society of Hawaii dr Michael klapper (youtube)
11.The vegetarian society of Hawaii dr Michael greger (youtube)
12.The vegetarian society of Hawaii immunonutrition (youtube)
13.Dr Mcdougall's colour picture book (youtube)
14.chris beat cancer food (youtube)
15.chris beat cancer riki lake (youtube)
16.Confessions of a reformed cardiologist:A plant based diet and your heart (youtube)
17.The end of diabetes and super immunity by Dr joel Fuhrman (youtube)
18.Dr Joel Fuhrman- 3 steps to incredible health (youtube) choices (Netflix)
20.Vegan 2016 the movie (youtube)
21whats with wheat (youtube)
22.vegan hustle tv (youtube)
23.tish wonders (youtube)
24.Jabbed- full film available on sbs on demand (youtube)
25. 60 minutes influenza(youtube)


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