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What Colleagues Are Saying

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Dr Sam possesses an extraordinary character, in my point of view, that many medical officers may not possess. He is a person who is very keen in assisting the needy people and that was exhibited twice in Sri Lanka, once during the time of Tsunami in the year 2004 and again in 2009 during the post humanitarian operations period that wiped out terrorism from the island. Both occasions, I had the opportunity to closely associate with Dr Sam, as the Coordinating Officer - Matara District (Sri Lanka) during the Tsunami period in 2004 and as the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army during post era of the Humanitarian operations in 2009. Having gained a vast experience and knowledge as a professional doctor qualified in many medical disciplines, he was very practical in the field activities and was an example to many others who worked with him. He did not have times allocated for treatment purposes and was ready at any time to accept and listen to those who were unfortunate to face the disaster.

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I have known Dr Sam as a personal friend and as the clinical leader for a "Search and Rescue" team based in Oxfordshire. We were fortunate to be dispatched to Haiti, post the disaster where his skills as a doctor, triaging and carrying out primary surveys were fundamental to saving lives and limbs of those unfortunate to be caught in the disaster zone. As a personal mentor and friend I have found him to be excellent putting me on a pathway to reach my own goals. A personable, loyal and extremely professional doctor. as well as a very good role model for those around him.

Mervyn Redfearn

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Retired officer in Her Majesty's Royal Marines

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